Fido Intelligence – the ambassador of invites you to a brainstorming session led by Fadi Bishara – one of Silicon Valley’s most prominent investors, mentor and coach, CEO of and  techVenture.


Fadi Bishara


If you are an innovative founder of a startup,  who wants to experience the “secret sauce” of Silicon Valley and to accelerate your startup in Silicon Valley in, this is a  chance to get to listen to and talk to a person who advised and mentored outstanding companies from all around the globe to bring their business to the next, global level in California.


The meeting „Lobotomy for European Founders, no ice picks needed” preformed by Dr. Blackbox will take place on June 1st (Friday) at 4:30 p.m. in room FGH in Gdansk Science & Technology Park.


Fadi Bishara matches human capital with venture capital across the globe. With 20 years experience helping talented technology entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley and elsewhere, Fadi is the Founder of, a globally focused accelerator located in the heart of Silicon Valley. Blackbox supports the growth of change makers and innovators, connecting them worldwide with seed investors/VC, mentors, and market entrance partners. Prior to founding Blackbox, Fadi was the Founder and CEO of techVenture, building teams for early-stage, high-growth technology startups.


While running techVenture, he assisted 43 startups, of which 17 exited successfully. These include, for example, Zynga, bebo, Lala, Tapulous, CubeTree, MerchantCircle and Apture.
The majority of the others are already profitable and growing, for example, SAYMedia, Splunk, Blurb, and Fadi is a sought after speaker, appearing at conferences and universities such as Stanford, UCLA, Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, Open University Skolkovo Foundation, St. Petersburg National Research University (ITMO), and the Presidio Graduate School of Management. He served two years as an Executive Committee Co-Chair of the MIT/Stanford Venture Lab and is currently an Advisory Board Member there.


The Ambassador of is Fido Intelligence, a science-oriented company from the Tri-city specializing in Natural Language Processing and Artificial Intelligence, which is also accelerating in Silicon Valley. Having visited Poland in 2011, Fadi Bishara led many workshops during which he met with young startups and innovative entrepreneurs.


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